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crushpeach Danzhihe Royal crystal Top coat gel-Highly recommend!

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This is a great deal for tiktok followers ,and  nail polish gel is a special product, so it takes a little longer than clothes and accessories to be delivered-it need taking 7 to 12 days,
Cooperative logistics:Yuntu express
I have been asked a question by many followers, which top glue do you recommend the most, After testing more than a dozen top coat,and now I will tell everyone that you can buy this Danzhihe Royal top coat with your eyes closed!It flows quickly and can flow very evenly on the nail surface by itself,Very begginer friendly.In all the top coat I tested, its brightness can be ranked in the top 2,but But it is completely free of fluorescent agents,And the most durable and wear-resistant,so It is ranked first overall.

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