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Crushpeach makeup practice board/pad (silicone bionic skin)

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This is a very realistic makeup practice board, not a smooth ordinary silicone material, but a textured bionic silicone, which completely simulates the texture of real human skin.  If you are a makeup novice, a makeup artist, or a makeup blogger who doesn't want to show your face, this makeup practice board will be perfect for you!
This makeup pad can be reused many times. The best way to remove makeup is to wet a cotton pad with makeup remover oil and wipe the surface vigorously. If you don’t have makeup remover oil, you can find a toothbrush or shoe brush that is no longer in use. The brush can quickly wash stubborn makeup very clean.  
It should be noted that this makeup practice panel is very similar to oily skin, so we must use loose powder when applying makeup, when it becomes smooth and delicate, you will be very easy to color.
Finally, hope this product will help you improve your makeup skills, or spend some boring weekend.if you want  get more makeup pratice board tips ,please follow tiktok:@crushpeach,instagram:@crushpeachcom

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